Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing will be a high stakes game

Location Based Marketing

The potential of location based marketing is growing for every type of business.  If you provide value through location based marketing there’s an excellent chance consumers will be positively influence to change their plans and pay you a visit.

Think about the possibilities if you knew a consumer was near your physical business location:

  • Previously abandoned cart items with matching in-store inventory could be pushed to a mobile device with a discounted offer to encourage a purchase.
  • Cinemas with empty seats could operate in conjunction with apps like Flixter to promote movies consumers have favored – promoting show times and offering incentives to maximize capacity.
  • Dentists could promote open appointments if the consumer was past due that next check-up
  • Hair salons could wave you down if they hadn’t heard from you in a while with offers to drop in for a glass of wine and a new ‘do’ J

The opportunities are limitless.  But relevance and value must be at the core of your communication or you face the potential of being denied location information for the rest of eternity!