Why grocery brands need to think outside the aisle…

Many grocery brands continue to wrestle with the cost of creating a stronger digital presence, this is in


Would you share your personal info to receive personalized promotions? 53% of respondents said yes. [Deloitte Digital]


Nearly one-in-three shoppers spend more when they use digital as part of their shopping experience


Digital Stuff You Should Know – What is a Data Lake?

A data lake is a huge repository of raw data that is stored in its original state until

Businesses must recognize and embrace failure, otherwise they are paying lip service to creating an innovative culture


Innovation, the gap between aspiration & accomplishment seems as big as ever. What’s the problem?

Innovation is the hottest business topic, yet success appears to be elusive. By comparison, consider the progress businesses


The older you get the tougher it is too loose weight, because by now your body and your fat have become really good friends 🙂

The 10 Biggest Grammar Mistakes

  “The 10 Biggest Grammar Mistakes That Make Smart People Look Stupid” by @BernardMarr on @LinkedIn https://t.co/G41IhJwrco —


The Worlds Largest Employers 2015

When 3 out of the top 10 of the worlds largest employers are the military’s of the US,